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Created in 2007, was first a free programming Question & Answers website specialized in capital markets developments, toolkits and all libraries used in this industry (Reuters, Bloomberg, Misys Sophis, Summit, Murex, Opalit...).

Now well-known worldwide for their expertise, the founders and main participants have decided to transform this first attempt in a consultancy company.

Our main values?

- Expertise: all of our consultants have a solid background in finance and are experts in their IT domain (C#, C++, Java, financial API),

- Quality: we are making our best effort to produce the best code, providing the right functionalities with the best performances at the right price,

- Knowledge: since 2007, we are proud to share it, listening to all eventual critics in order to keep the best,

- Team Building: we are a TEAM, open and not confined to our missions. Together, Everyone Achieves More is our precept,

- Events: we organize events with our clients, in order to share our knowledge in a friendly environment.